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We produce 100% Organic Fruits and Vegetables and delivers it to your door directly from our farm. We are also deal in Organic Milks and Dairy Products.

Welcome to Anujeet Dairy & agro farm

We believe in quality and that’s why we always trying to deliver quality goods at the best price possible. We are currently dealing in Organic Fruits and Vegetables, Pure Cow Milks and other Dairy and Kitchen Products. To Know more about us, you can follow the links below:

Anujeet Dairy & Agro Farm Pvt. Ltd.

Who we are

Anujeet Dairy and Agro Farm is a private limited company situated in Muzaffarpur, Bihar. The aim of this company is to provide 100% Organic Fruits, Vegetables and Dairy Products to the consumers directly from the farm.


What we do

We produce fresh and 100% Organic Fruits and Vegetables in our farm. We have more than 20 cows and they gives more than 80 litres of milk daily and from that we produce different dairy products and deliver it to your door.

Kitchen Haat 2

Our Brands

We don’t sell products on this website, we have our brands for that. We have an online store “Kitchen Haat” for Groceres and Kitchen Products. And for milk deliveres we have another brand known as “Milk Delight”.

Our Products

Milk Delight

Try our fresh, pure and 100% organic milk and get it delivered to your door daily because #MilkMatters. Click on “Try Now” to know more…

Make a difference

Our milks are not like other cow milks available in the market. Our milks are 100% organic it means we don’t use any harmful medicines to increase milk. 

How cow milk helps keeping you and your family healthy

100% Fresh, Pure and Organic Cow Milk

We believe in quality and that’s the reason all of our products are always farm fresh and pure. Our milk is also 100% Organic as we don’t give any kind of antibiotics to our cows. Click to know more

Say no to plastic

We all know how much plastics are harmful for our health but we don’t have any choice but not anymore… We don’t use any kind of plastics in packaging. Our milks are packed into sanitize Glass Bottles which helps in avoids any kind of leakages and damages while delivery and the most important thing it won’t affect your health.

Hygienic Milking Conditions

We ensure our cattle sheds and cattle are washed multiple times during the day. The milking of cows is done by automatic milking machine and is untouched by hands.

Ajit Kumar Singh is the Director of this company which had been registered under the Companies Act,2013(18 of 2013) on Fourth of January 2018. The main vision of this company is to provide 100% Organic Fruits and Vegetables, Dairy Products and all Kitchen needs at the best price possible.

Ajit kumar singh – director

Get Involved

We provide you all the details of our farm and how we made it. You can watch it on YouTube and Facebook.

Farm Tour

Get a tour of our farm from our farm videos. It covers each and every part of our farm and helps you in getting involved.

Packaging Process

Want to know how we pack your orders and deliver it to your door. Watch of Packaging Process videos and get involved.

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Kitchen haat

Kitchen Haat is our online shopping portal and runs under Anujeet Dairy and Agro Farm Pvt. Ltd. This is the place from where consumers can order the products online and get it delivered to their door at no extra cost.